A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Built Using Godot Game Engine (C#)

This is a simple tool for previewing cards in the artifact database. Currently you can sync the main card sets from the database. In a future update I will allow you to add more than one set manually so you don't have to keep updating your application.

When you click on Sync it'll show you a menu where you can start syncing all the cards and card info to your local app folder. This will download every card to your app data from the steam servers, so beware if you have little file space when more card sets are added.

(Note: %APPDATA%/ArtifactorApp is where you can find the local application data)

Update 1: Mac build is having some issues and exiting the app on linux is spitting out errors in terminal, we're to believe this is an issue with the 3.1 Alpha build of godot. Windows seem fine for the time being.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


Artifactor-osx64.zip 23 MB
Artifactor-win64.zip 20 MB
Artifactor-linux64.zip 23 MB

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